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A car seat shade

I made this one day after seeing the idea on etsy…just a yard of fabric inside and a yard inside and 2 strips for the straps…the other lady used minky on the inside…but i thought that would be too hot for a summer baby

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Alicia Joy’s baptism gown

I fell in love with this gown and bought the pattern as soon as I saw it! Took so much work, more than I was thinking it would take…but OMG it came out so pretty…here is the link to the pattern:

only thing I’ll add is I used a slightly bigger hook, because I could not work with the one it suggested, and I tried the pineapple’s but didn’t like the way it looked in the end so i improvised my own edging ;)

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Jasmine’s DSI case

Put this together today…needs a tad bit of stretching…but turned out pretty cute

This is the front

and this is the back

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I haven’t posted in a while…so here’s what I’ve done…

This came from a kit I got at michael’s after I figured out my sewing machine lol…this first on is for Gabby…This one is for Jazzy…and I will give them to them on Thanksgiving…

And I made this a few weeks ago…but we are just now getting it up…if you want the pattern for it..I’ll get you the link…it took about an hour and a half to make

and finally I made this bathrobe hoping it would fit on beany baby…but it’s just a tad too narrow in the shoulders…also if you want to try…I can get you the link to the pattern…how ever the pattern uses a towel…and it’s kinda vague and took me ALL day literally trying to figure the pattern out..but in the end it is too sweet!!

So that’s all I got for now…happy holidays!